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Dental Implants:

Designed for toothless areas, this treatment involves implanting artificial dental roots made of a special metal (titanium) into the jawbone for a natural feel as well as esthetic satisfaction. This is a safe treatment, better alternative to the existing bridge or denture.


Invisible Braces:

●    No metal brackets, no wires

●    Virtually unnoticeable

●    Easy to wear and remove

●    Custom-made for an exact fit

●    Comfortable and irritation free


3D Dental X-ray:

3D Dental X-ray is a common term for Cone Beam Computed Tomography systems (CBCT). Based on FDA's information, CBCT has been used in U.S since the early 2000s. CBCT is increasingly used by dental professionals to make better diagnoses and treatment plans for certain dental procedures. CBCT is commonly used to plan wisdom tooth extraction, root canals, dental implants, orthodontics (braces), and more. 3D Dental X-ray is now the gold standard for dentistry in 21st Century.

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Cosmetic Dentistry


Laser Dentistry:

Diode Laser has become more popular for soft - tissue management in dentistry for the last ten years. Laser application is applied in a wide range of dental treatments. Laser gains its popularity because patients have less pain during and after treatments. Soft tissue’s recovery time is shortening compare to traditional non laser assisted procedures.


Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas):

Nitrous oxide has been safely used for over 100 years. Decades of clinical research and successful practice have shown that the inhalation of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen, provides safe, fast, effective sedation and pain relief in a variety of dental settings.

3D Intraoral Scanner or Digital Impression Systems:

Say goodbye to the runny, gooey, uncomfortable traditional impression materials. Now, dentists and dental staff can use a hi-tech 3D Intraoral Scanner to take detailed, highly accurate impressions of your teeth digitally in minutes.

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