Teeth Whitening

Redwood City, CA

In-office Professional Teeth Whitening

Imagine removing surface stains and having the brighter smile just days before your important life event such as: a wedding, anniversary, graduation day. It just takes you about two hours comfortably sit in a dental chair to have an In-office Professional Teeth Whitening procedure done by our Prima Dental team. We are using a famous “Opalescence Boost” whitening gel system that relies on high concentration of whitening gel, so it does not require a costly light activating system. Furthermore, this special gel contains a unique patented component called PF. This is a mixture of Potassium Nitrate (reducing the risk of sensitivity) and Fluoride (strengthening enamel). We are confident that Opalescence Boost” will give back your white and youthful smile in a fast way and less chance to have teeth sensitivity. Talk with Dr. Ho for help in deciding what whitening procedure is right for you.

Consider In-office Professional Teeth Whitening in Redwood City, CA.


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