"My wife and I found Dr. Ho through a friend almost 4 years ago now. I was in need of extensive work (implants, crowns etc…) and was looking for a dentist I could trust. I have been completely satisfied with the results. Dr. Ho is kind and gentle and takes all the time to explain what he is going to do. He had to work closely with the orthodontist and oral surgeon and everything has been going very smoothly. His staff is cordial, personable and very friendly. I have to say that after having dreaded to go to the dentist for so many years, I am now “almost" looking forward to my next appointment. I could not recommend Dr. Ho more highly."

Henri L.

  •  "I must say that I feel very odd to give a Dentist a 5 star rating because what is "good" about going to the dentist. I certainly don't wake up in the morning and say "woo hoo! I get to go to the dentist today". However, being the wuss and big 45 year old baby that I am when it comes to going to the dentist - this place is about as good as it could get.
                             .................  more ..................

    I had not been feeling "warm & fuzzy" about my dentist down the road a bit (.......) for awhile. In fact, back in February I discussed with my husband and he had not been very thrilled with them either and he doesn't have the same fears that I have-so we decided to cancel our February teeth cleaning and try out Dr. Ho at Prima Dental Care by the recommendation of our dear friends Diane & Mike. I called at the end of last week to make our appointments.


    I spoke to Jorge on the phone, he was extremely pleasant - took all of my insurance information, worked to find a time that worked for me and my husband due to our different schedules. He then called the next day to let me know that everything was fine with the insurance. I was also impressed that when an appointment an hour earlier than mine opened up, he called to see if I wanted to come in earlier - do you know what my previous dentist office would do? They would call to confirm my appointment and reconfirm the time THEY wanted me to come, not the time when the appointment was made. Jorge made you feel like you matter and to come at a time convenient to you.


    Today upon arrival to the office, I completed the new patient paperwork and then was taken in right away by Trish for my X-Rays. They took 16 pictures total- some digital and some X-Rays, I was impressed by the thoroughness and she was fantastic with me, knowing that I was "anti-dentist". Then Dr. Ho came in and introduced himself to me, we talked a bit, he explained their philosophy - that they treat the patient, not just the teeth. Completely put me at ease. Then he did my cleaning - I think the cleaning process was a good 45 minutes - he said that on new patients he does this so he can see everything and really examine the mouth, then his assistant finished up the polishing and flossing. He looked at all of the pictures, said that things looked good and that right now, maintenance is the plan and at some point my older fillings will need to be replaced.


    So I find this interesting - the last time I went to my former dentist - they said I had a cavity under an existing filling, they were going to call the insurance to get me a quote of  my portion so we could then schedule an appointment. I never heard from them- and of course being the non-dentist person I "sort of" forgot about it- easy to do when the tooth was never bothering me. So this new dentist didn't see anything, no cavities and I have to believe that his 16 pictures would have showed something. I think this just reconfirms my thought about my previous dentist- they are all about generating revenue. My previous dentist had once said I had a crack in my tooth and kept tapping on it "does this hurt" over and over again- it wasn't hurting, but they insisted that the filling had to be re-filled. Certainly makes me wonder about their ethics over there and I am very happy to NOT be one of their patients anymore!


    I can honestly say that I feel I have found a dentist that I'll be with for a long time!

    Pamela H.

 "I just need to say Dr. Ho is the best dentist I've ever seen!!! His profesional competence  as well as his personal manner is unparalleled. Along with Dr. Ho comes his incredible staff. Trish, his main assistant is so friendly and through , you will feel your teeth squeaky clean!!. Gene is new and very friendly. I like how Dr. Ho supports her professional development. The front desk is beautifully navigated by George and Sam, they are warm, organized and consistent. I wish everyone could experience Dr. Ho and his entire staff."

Elizabeth Costello Samiee




 "Dr. Ho is perhaps the most thoughtful, careful and thorough dentist I have ever been seen by. Currently undergoing a remodel, the office will soon be as sparkling as my teeth following a visit."

Jeff G.



 "I was a longtime patient of Dr. Coluzzi and Dr. Lamb. When they retired I was in a bit of a quandary about starting over with a younger dentist. I had some work done by Dr. Ho who was highly recommended. He is a highly skilled doctor and a meticulous craftsman."

Joseph M.



 "We love this place. Dr Ho is wonderful, kind and accommodating. I have been going to him for 8 yrs with nothing but wonderful results.   Dr. Ho has also seen my 13 yr. old daughter since her first dental visit. He is great with kids and even taught my daughter how to tie balloon animals. Which she still does to this day :) I would recommend Dr.  Ho and his staff. They are wonderful."

Shauna L.

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